In-Home Personal Training

Time is a precious commodity. Eliminate the hassle of traveling to the gym and lugging around exercise clothes. Let us send our trainers to you. Our highly experienced and professional trainers will come to your home or office (or even meet in a local park.) We will bring the tools and provide you with a great workout. Now there’s one less excuse not to exercise.

Mon - Sat  5am - 8 pm


One-on-One Personal Training Sessions

The Ultimate Investment In Yourself!!

When it comes to really making changes in your body and life, there's nothing like having your own personal trainer to give you accountability, attention and motivation to succeed.

With one-on-one personal training in our private fitness training studios in Pacific Pines, you’ll benefit from individual supervision from one of our professionally qualified and certified fitness professionals, and you’ll do it at your convenience at days and times that fit your schedule.

Mon - Sat   5am - 8pm


Physique Studio’s Boot Camp

Physique Studio’s Boot Camp is the fitness boot camp program people have been talking about!

With Physique Fitness Boot Camps in Pacific Pines, participants of all fitness levels, sizes and ages are gaining great  results and better health, fitness, and self confidence! And now you can too!

Are you looking for a jump-start to your fitness program? Need some motivation? Could you use a little push and some friendly encouragement? Then Physique Studio’s boot camp is the fitness program for you!

Physique Studio’s Boot Camp is a outdoor fitness program that offers fitness instruction and motivational training - packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Get started now and have fun while losing weight, toning those muscles, increasing your endurance and gaining self confidence

Sundays 8am (Different locations every week)


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