1.  How long will it take to get results?

That depends on a number of factors such as your goal, the number of sessions you are doing and what kind of shape you are in at the beginning.  Usually the average person who comes in to see us notices a difference in them selves in 4 weeks and in 12 weeks have people really noticing the difference in themselves.

2. What percentage of your clients get the results they want?

Most of our clients get the results they want, the only ones who tend to not get the results they were after are people who skipped sessions and didn’t keep up their recommended diet we had set out for them.

3. How often should I have personal training a week?

The number of sessions you do a week is entirely up to your own budget and how fast you want results.  I usually recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per week and a maximum of 5 sessions with the majority of our clients doing 3 sessions per week.  However, if you have use of another gym you can train with us less often and we can advise you how to train on your own but that is entirely up to you.

4. How many people will be training at the same time as me if I book a session?

We never have more than 2 trainers training at the same time with their clients but the studio can also be hired exclusively on arrangement.

5. What do I need to bring to my first session?

All you need is your gym clothes, closed gym shoes, towel and a water bottle.

6. Is it true I get the session for free if my personal trainer is late more than 10 minutes?

Yes it is, we understand our clients are very busy and are aware of how annoying it is to have a personal trainer turn up late, so to show you we really stand by our word if your trainer is late more than 10 minutes to any session you get the session free.

7. Do you also train people in their homes?

Yes, our personal trainers will be happy to train you at your home, local park or where ever you feel comfortable.


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